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Raj is the main teacher of Rajyogaschool . He believes that Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to develop wholesome qualities that can be skillfully applied to make positive changes in our lives and in the world. This happens when we challenge ourselves on every level in order to realize our full potential – on and off the mat. With more than Seven years of experience in teaching, Raj offers simple, direct and effective Yoga instructions and stands out from other teachers through his no-frills approach to Yoga. He believes that there is no place for ego in Yoga. Raj enjoys teaching and sharing practice – avoiding the huge business aspect related to these matters. That is why you find Raj to be keen about the teacher-student relation. Raj will support you in class and on your yogic journey! Experience: He has experience in the field of teaching Yoga for more than Seven years. Achievements: Raj learned Yoga in Rishikesh and Dharamshala and completed his 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training. He learned Yoga sadhana such as asana, pranayama, Satkarma, meditation from great Rishi and spiritual gurus Swami Sachidanand, Swami Benu Ji & Shiva ji. Vision: Raj wants to share the benefits and gifts of Yoga with his students and makes sure that they proceed on their yogic life journey. Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Acro Yoga Paranayama & satkarma etc.


Yogi Bharat comes from a spiritual family background. From an early childhood he was surrounded by yogis and spirituality. Most of his vacations he spent in ashrams learning philosophy and various spiritual practices. In his teenage years, he started practicing Yoga asanas, later on did a Master Diploma in Yogic science. He learned Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga from yogi Chetan Mahesh and prenatal Yoga with Yogacharya Santosh Kumar. While doing his own Sadhana he gained interest in deepening his knowledge of philosophy and was introduced to another Yoga philosophy master, Yogi Benu ji who he has been learning from. Besides Philosophy and Pranayama, Bharat also teaches Yoga therapy, mantra chanting and meditation. Bharat has a multidimensional approach to Yoga postures and will help you in exploring the deeper practices of Yoga.
Experience: Bharat has been strongly influenced by his spiritual upbringing and has more than seven years experience in teaching Yoga.
Achievements: Bharat is certified as an E-RYT200hrs Yoga Teacher and gained Yoga philosophy knowledge from Saint Benu Maharaj Ji (certified from Bihar School of Yoga).
Vision: With a multidimensional approach to Yoga postures, Bharat envisions to exploring the deeper practices of Yoga.
Yoga Styles: Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation,Pranayama,Yoga Nidra.

yogi Bharat

Dev Rai

Astanga Primary Series, Vinyasa Flow and Aerial Yoga Teacher
Being born in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, Dev started performing Yoga practice at an early age. His heart yearned to understand spirituality on a deeper level which he eventually tasted in meditation and in the teaching of great masters. He learned yogic practice for eight years. He is a certified teacher from Shiva Darshan Yoga School. His knowledge and experience make his teaching so profound and unique.
Dev Rai has the vision to share the eternal wisdom & holistic living principles of Yoga in a contemporary and accessible form.
He decided to become a professional Yoga teacher in order to pursue his passion and use his immense knowledge to spread the benefits of Yoga to the World.
He believes that Yoga sadhana helps to keep the body healthy and the mindset positive. Dev has done much research in his own body which he translates to the vast range of different students .
Dev’s multidimensional classes will inspire you to live from your heart, to find your peaceful inner strength, and to see the unity within our diversity.

Experience: Dev has six years of rich experience in teaching Yoga.

Achievements: He learned Yoga sadhana such as asana, pranayama, meditation from great Rishi and spiritual gurus.

Vision: Yogi Dev has the vision to share the eternal wisdom and holistic living principles of Yoga in a contemporary and accessible form.
Yoga Styles: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga,Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Shatkarma.

Swami Ashok Samdarshi

He was born in 1974 in a small village called Rampur Dhabai (Mamania), district-Mirzapur near Varanasi in India. He comes from a farmer hindu family. His real name is Ashok Kumar Singh while his spiritual name remains Swami Ashok Samdarshi. He received his Master’s degree in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry).
Swami has been on a spiritual and self-discovery path since 2001. On his path, he travelled across all India and Nepal and practiced higher yogic and tantric techniques. He spent some time living alone and naked in the Himalayan mountains where he achieved self-realization.
Swami Samdarshi is an experienced meditation teacher, spiritual guide, spiritual-meditative therapist as well as a social activist. His inner journey and practices has been inspired mainly by the teachings of Osho, Patanjali, Buddha, J Krinshamurti and Gurdiejeff. Swami is an Osho disciple. H
e has studied all subjects including ancient vedic, yogic and tantra texts. His teaching is mostly inspired by Osho, his extensive meditative self-practise and field social work experience. 

swami ashok sandarshini

He integrates spiritual teaching of the Eastern philosophy with a contemporary scientific Western approach to deliver a unique spiritual-scientific teaching. His teaching focuses on the experiential aspects of meditation, deep healing and transformation.
Swami helps his students to get and insight of holistic meditation. His teaching allows them to find the inner truth, peace and joy. Swami-ji has also been teaching in Osho ashrams and other spiritual places in India.
He has been teaching group and individual meditation, facilitating workshops and seminars and guiding spiritual seekers from all over the world on their spiritual path. Swami is also anexpert in energy healing and chakra treatment

jadoo baba

Jadoo Baba

Jadoo Baba, an ordained Naga Sadhu of Juna Akhara, is a dedicated yoga practitioner who has been teaching yoga asana, anatomy, philosophy & pranayama at various yoga centres & yoga teachers’ training schools all over India for many years.

He’s completely passionate about yoga as a super health-package and pursuing it with both scientific & artistic zeal. He has a master’s degree in English literature from Mysore University and worked as a lecturer at various institutes before embarking the great journey of yoga. The science of meditation, health and wellness is his cherished passion in life.

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